Black Sunglasses

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Standing, the woman wipes the grass from her lap, “I’ll see you next month my dear.  I love you.  Your daddy loves you too.  Your brother will love you too when he hears from you.  I know it,” she whispers and places a kiss on her hand that she presses to the small marble stone of her daughter.

I watch her turn and make her way across the grounds to leave.  Just once I wish the woman would turn and look back…

a small angel watches her go from the stone.  The child turns to look at me.  I can see tears streaming from her sheer face.  We stare at each other with a knowing glance.  We are acutely aware of the damage this man she calls the girl’s father, has done to this wistful woman.  I assure the child that not all men are this way and she fades from my sight.

Until next month.

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