15+ Bizarre Documentaries That Are Stranger Than Fiction

Bizarre Documentaries Stranger Than Fiction

15. In Plain Sight

IMDb – 7.3

The story of Jan Broberg’s abduction by manipulative family friend Robert Berchtold is creepy and disturbing. Popular as the strangest true-crime story, this documentary features weird abduction, 70s pedophile; violence, and sex. It is very very hard to believe that such things can happen in society. Get prepared for all the twists and turns beyond your imagination.

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16. Dark Tourist

IMDb – 7.5

Do you want to travel all over the world? This documentary fulfills your wish to some extent by taking you to some of the most bizarre and creepy destinations you can ever think of. Thanks to David Farrier for actually visiting these locations that are shown nowhere else on television. Though you may be offended by the arrogant host, there is a comic relief too. Watch this and let your mind blown!

17. Cartel Land

IMDb – 7.4

Another unbelievable true story about two different groups fighting the drug cartels on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border. The story is very eye-opening as it features how these cartels impacted the lives on both sides of our country’s shared border. 

Some are eye-opening, some are gut-wrenching, some are ridiculous, some are creepy yet intriguing and others are hilarious – but these bizarre documentaries, which are stranger than fiction are worth watching and can keep you all day glued to your sofa in search of the strange. Watch it to believe it!

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