Birthmark Meanings based on their locations

Woman with birthmarks just above the shoulder blades has a difficult life but that doesn’t mean that they will fail to overcome those struggles.

35. Birthmark on the right buttock

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 A woman with birthmark on the right buttock is very sociable, cheerful and outgoing. These women have very less number of friends as they make friends only to fulfil their own interests.

36. Birthmark on the left buttock

A woman with a birthmark on the left of the buttocks is very charming, she attracts and fascinates a lot of men.

37. Birthmarks on the belly.

Women with birthmarks on the belly are highly passionate, overwhelmed with emotions. These women are extremely foodie and love to eat. Losing weight is difficult for these women. These women are also very attractive.

38. Birthmarks on the right foot

This birthmark indicates that a woman is loyal and caring in nature.

39. Birthmark on the right shoulder

Women with a birthmark on the right shoulder is very calm, composed and intellectual.

40. Birthmark on the left shoulder 

This indicates that the woman will be a very successful person. The success is usually related to the professional field and they have a bit of bad luck in romantic fields.


On men:

1. Birthmark on the Cheek

A man with a birthmark on his cheek has strong will power, is determined and dedicated. He has a very strong personality.

2. Birthmark Under the Nose

A birthmark under the nose gives a man some rare abilities to predict the future,to interpret dreams and these men are extremely intuitive in nature.

3. Birthmark under the corner of the lower lip

If a man has a birthmark under the corner of the lower lip it indicates that he is jealous, attractive, charming and down to earth. At the same time, these men have to struggle a lot to secure his future.

4. Birthmark on the chin

A man with a birthmark on the chin is very aggressive, focused and goal-directed. Such a man knows what he wants from his life and believes in constantly improving himself. Success often makes these men very arrogant, proud and rude.

5. Birthmark on forearm

If a man has a birthmark on the man’s forearm he will be incredibly rich and successful. 

6. Birthmark on the right arm

Such a man with birthmark on the right arm has good leadership qualities. 

7. Birthmark on the left arm

A man with a birthmark on the left arm is a sign of a hardworking person, who brings in external consequences.

8. Birthmark between fingers

A mole between a man’s fingers indicates that he has to struggle a lot in life but will eventually overcome all of them to emerge out successful in life. Such men have happy, contented and peaceful elderly lives.

9. Birthmark on neck

Such men are deep thinkers and philosophers. They are full of wisdom and have great knowledge about life.

10. Birthmarks on the right side of chest

These men are addicts of men and alcohol.

11. Birthmark on the left side of chest

A man with birthmark on the right side of a man’s chest indicates that he has good luck in business. Know for sure that such men are good lovers. 

12. Birthmark under the left arm

Men with birthmarks under the left arm are soft, but they are great husbands and fathers. They are good at managing money and always help their friends. But sometimes their openness and inability to say “no” can be used against them and turn their lives into trouble.

13. Birthmark under the right arm

A man with a birthmark on the right arm is very stubborn, strong, brave and fierce. These men are not too successful in their romantic relationships.

14. Birthmark under the right arm

These men are soft-hearted, are great partners and loving fathers. They are very sensible and their soft nature can often be exploited by others. 

Though our birthmarks tell a lot about our destiny and fate, at the end of the day, we create our own path and build our own future. Take control over your life and work hard to enhance your positive qualities and embrace the ‘not-so-adorable’ qualities about yourself. 

  1. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary
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