What Your Birth Order Says About Your Personality

Birth Order Says About Personality

As the youngest child, you have more freedom than the other siblings and, in a sense, are more independent. As the youngest child, you also have a lot in common with your oldest sibling, as both of you have been made to feel special and entitled. Your range of influence extends throughout your family, which supports you both emotionally and physically. Hence, you experience a sense of place and security.

It probably won’t surprise you to note that youngest children often find careers in the entertainment business as actors, comedians, writers, directors and so on. They also make good doctors and teachers.

Because your parents were more laid back and lenient, you expect the freedom to follow your own path in a creative style. And as the baby of the family, you’ve had less responsibility, and therefore don’t attract responsible experiences.

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The Lone Wolf: The Only Child

Key personality traits: Sensitive to criticism, comfortable with adults, responsible, confident, quite similar to firstborn children.

If you’re an only child, you grow up surrounded by adults, and therefore are more verbal and often more mature. This allows for gains in intelligence that exceed other birth order differences.

Having spent so much time alone, you are resourceful, creative, and confident in your independence. If you’re an only child, you actually have a lot in common with those who are firstborns, as well as those who are the youngest in their families.

Parents: Know Your Child

In the final analysis, for parents, it is important to know your child. Even more important than birth order is creating an environment that is positive, safe, healthy and stimulating. By understanding your particular child’s personality and temperament, you can organize their environment to bring them toward their fullest potential.

For example, understanding that a first-born child feels highly responsible allows you to lighten their load, and recognizing that the baby of the family is experiencing a more lenient environment can help you be more diligent in your discipline.

Children need to be allowed to find their destiny, whatever their role in the family may be, and as a parent, your most important job is to support their individual journey.

If you want to know more about birth order personality, then check this video out below:

Your Birth Order Says A Lot About Your Personality: Find Out Here
Your Birth Order Says A Lot About Your Personality: Find Out Here
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