Birds As Omens When They Cross Your Path

Birds As Omens When They Cross Your Path

9. Stork

Stork is a symbol of Motherhood and Birth (as well as rebirth). Hera (Juno), the all-mighty Queen of the Gods, used to inflict punishment by transforming people into storks. However, it was a bird sacred to her. Hence, as Hera is the Goddess of family, fertility, and motherhood, storks are harbingers of these qualities.

Spotting a Stork is believed that something new is coming to your life – something extremely dear (as a newborn child). However, it’s not sure that you’ll get it. You need to be alert. Let’s not forget that Storks are the Egyptian symbols of our Souls (ba). How easy could it be to catch a soul?

10. Peacock

Peacocks are also sacred birds of Hera, the all-mighty Queen of the Gods. In this case, however, peacocks are harbingers of success. From all Birds as Omens, Peacocks are the most auspicious ones!

If a peacock appears to you then prosperity and success are coming. Moreover, if the peacock spreads its magnificent tail, it is a sing of very Good Luck! If you are single, happiness and marriage may come soon! However, if a peacock feather is found in your property, then Evil Eye might be after you! Make sure to dispel it!

11. Dove

These are the sacred birds of Aphrodite (Venus), the Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Peace. Although Aphrodite is a mighty Goddess, when she appears as a Dove, she spreads the message of Love, Beauty, and Peace.

Hence, is a Dove (especially a White one) appears, is a symbol of Aphrodite giving you an omen of Beauty and Peace. Something really sweet is coming towards you. Open your heart and get ready!

12. Robin

Amongst all Birds as Omens, robins are the most intense symbols of Good Luck and happy outcomes! Why? Because Robins symbolize the rejuvenating forces of Fire. Robins are the carriers of the Powers of Sacred Flames. Robins are also associated with the Phoenix, the Sacred Bird of Fire.

If a Robin enters your house, this is a VERY powerful omen of change for the better. Evil can no longer hold you back. You are free as the Phoenix. Moreover, Good Luck is by your side, and prosperity is coming. If it signs, then Good Luck is even greater and ready to change your Life!

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Birds do serve as omens, but as you can see omens do not have to be bad or evil every time. In a way, they can give you a heads-up as to what is coming your way, and you should be prepared for that. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you want to know more about birds serving as omens, they check this video out below:

Birds As Omens When They Cross Your Path
Birds As Omens When They Cross Your Path pin

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  1. Crow feathers? Question was, where to put camp on this new property, found a crow feather. Cleared a path, went back n found another at same spot!! ?

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