Bird In A Golden cage

A bird was there,

in the open air,

flying in the open sky,

full of vigor n zest,

with shining n lovely eyes.

In haste to return her nest,

chirping in her cheerful voice.


While way to her home,

it saw a bird in a cage,

fluttering its wings.

it was sitting on a swing,

different types of grains were

sprinkled in front of her, and

she was brooding over the sky.


The cage was not mundane,

it was made of golden bars,

the bird in the open sky thought,

“How cheerful and majestic life

this caged bird led, with

no worries of food and nest.

I wish I could lead this life”.


A bird was there,

in a golden cage,

sitting on a swing,

with a broken wing,

full of despair and melancholy,

deserted from this natural world,

it seems that it never speak a word.


In poignant grief,

it looked upward and,

saw a bird in the open sky,

splendid wings open wide,

with a bird seed in its beak,

hurried to her nest,

to feed her younger one.


The bird with her splendid beauty,

moved in the splendid sky,

the bird in golden cage thought,

“How cheerful and majestic life

this free bird led, she can

fly beautifully, can go anywhere.

I wish I could lead this life”.


“Both of birds,

yelled for each other life,

they were in delusion,

don’t know how tough,

is their life”.

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