What You See First Reveals Your Biggest Weakness As A Partner: Quiz

First Reveals Biggest Weakness As Partner

2. The person picking fruit: You’re overambitious about career goals

This Visual Relationship Personality Test Reveals Your Biggest Weakness As A Partner

If you noticed the fruit-picking figure first when you saw the picture, then it means you are driven by goals and you’re highly ambitious about your career. Even in your childhood, you had great career ambitions and you were always motivated by these dreams. Although your career goals might have changed a number of times as you grew up and became more realistic, you are still determined to be the best in your professional field and achieve greatness through your work and performance. You refuse to accept anything less than what you think is perfect and you never fail to achieve it through your determination and hard work. 

It is certainly commendable that you pursue your career goals with such focus and tenacity, but your career can certainly create cracks in your relationships if you neglect your partner for your career.

A strong focus on your goals should never mean less attention to the person you love. You need to invest yourself into your relationship as much as in your work.

You need to focus on improving your relationship with the same determination and gusto. When you let your partner know how much you value them, they will be your greatest support in achieving your career goals. They will cheer the loudest when you win and they will make the journey more than worth it. So make sure to remind yourself that love and relationships are as important as work and career goals, if not more.

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3. The mother & the child: You rely too much on family’s opinions

What You See First Reveals Your Biggest Weakness As A Partner: Quiz

Did you first notice the mother and her child when you looked at the picture above? This means that you give priority to your family and consider them the most important part of your life.

When it comes to the value of your family, you can be a bit old fashioned as you embrace your family from your heart. Your identity is significantly influenced by your family and the relationship you share with them impacts almost every other aspect of your personal and professional life. Even though making your family your top priority is important and respectable, it can affect how you connect with others and build new friendships and relationships. 

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We can all agree that our family is a crucial part of our identity and our lives, however you also need to focus on yourself, your needs, desires, wants and dreams as well. Although you should value the opinions of your family member’s regarding your romantic partner or spouse, you shouldn’t rely on their opinions to make any important decisions. The weight of your family’s opinions should never crumble your relationship. You should accept their feedback with an open mind and then work on your relationship independently without being influenced by anyone, not even your family.

4. The flying birds: You’re an impractical daydreamer

Biggest Weakness As A Partner

If you looked first at the birds flying in the sky when you saw this above image, then it signifies that you are a person who is absent-minded, absorbed and easily distracted.

You spend most of your time daydreaming and have your head in the clouds. You are born as a dreamer and most of the time your dreams can take you places and pursue greatness. You know this about yourself and have a certain amount of appreciation for this unique trait. You have a special gift of transforming a dull and mediocre situation into a safe, secure and wonderful environment. And you have no plans of stopping yourself from dreaming anytime soon.

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