Beyond Our Thoughts

Beyond Our Thoughts

Beyond Our Thoughts

We thought the world seems quite stagnant.
For days and nights are something we count on.
So sure tomorrow will come,
As the earth rotates every day,
While slowly revolves around the sun.

We thought today was not so different from the last.
When each night the moon reflects light in ways of her own,
Rebirth herself in a promised cycle we have known.
And each sunset paints washes of colours so divine,
As if they are made of dreams and memories of our mind.

We thought our day was a mess; to the world, we throw our guilt.
Rain and storms took the bitter pill,
As we blame the earth and her atmosphere.
While all she does is keeping us alive,
Giving us air to breathe and water to simply live.

We thought we know a whole lot.
But, maybe there’s more beyond our thoughts.

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