Beyond Doubt Everything Could Have Been Created Out of “Nothing”

Beyond Doubt Everything Could Have Been Created Out of “Nothing

Let us assume that at present the half-lambda waves are just 5 per cent of the total quantity of the light waves emitted by the suns, resulting in a loss of only 10 per cent of their total produce.

But think of the day when the quantity of “half-lambda waves” may become 50 percent of the total produce.

From that day onward, suns would not emit any light.

You can imagine, if no light shall reach the “earths”, it would demise the entire vegetable kingdom. Water would not get evaporated to form the clouds. So there would be no rains. The whole ecology would go into a shamble. Life would cease to exist – not only on our earth but on the “earths” of all the universes.

That would be the doomsday when – even though the suns would be emitting rays as usual but all of the waves emitted by them shall get famished at their source itself and no waves shall move beyond them.

Naturally, it would bring down the curtain of life on all the “earths”, forever.

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