Between the lines

Between the lines

Somewhere between the lines

Where i hide my poetry

I see you gather my broken letters

Beyond the shattered dream
How can i blindly skip to realize what you hide

What you keep in the palm of mistery

The mind of a betrayed one

The heart of  a broken one
So I touch you with words

That come through my mind

And slip through my hand

Hoping you no longer feel absurd
I hold you , dearest

So tight

With every words that made you cry

To wipe all the pain inside your heart
I stand by you , dear

So still

Through every strom and thunder

Until you’ve got used to 

And understand that storm teaches you 

To detach this whole delusive world
I realize  these lines still hide my poetry

But this whole delusive world no longer able to hide beneath

Because our detachment mode has been activated

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