13 Best Videos On Mindful Activities For Kids

Videos Mindfulness Kids

5. Teaching Mindfulness To Children At Home And In Schools

The story of Dante who has a habit of thinking about the past and future and losing concentration is very relatable. Targeted to older children, this video explains how mindfulness can help focus on the present, lower stress, anxiety, and depression. The video teaches how mindful activities for kids can help your kid deal with a problem without reacting.

6. The Listening Game 

This mindfulness for kids video teaches the game of listening. The technique requires you to listen to the sounds of the bells. It’s a form of meditation that tests how well you can listen and how long you can. By improving listening skills, one can better respond to the input from the world and experience life so much more. 

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7. Mindfulness Meditation for Kids

This video teaches kids about meditation that is 5 minutes in length. All you have to do is bring your attention to your breathing, body sensation, and emotions. It can be practiced at any time of the day.

The objective is to bring your awareness to the present moment and reset your nervous system. Over time, this mindfulness practice will promote greater ease and calmness. You’ll learn to navigate day-to-day stress and cultivate greater resiliency and well-being.

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8. Breath Meditation for Kids

This mindfulness technique requires kids to curiously explore their breath. If that is difficult, you may simply put your hands on your belly and focus on what is happening to you. You can imagine a sailboat rising and falling over waves each time you breathe in and out. As air enters the nostrils when you inhale, you must notice whether it feels warm or cool and does it feel the same when air flows out.

The video also teaches about mental imagery where kids see the breath as color as they inhale and exhale. And imagine themselves as fish and are feeling the air in their lungs for the first time.

9. Peace Out Guided Relaxation for Kids

Peace Out is a series of guided relaxations and visualizations for kids. In this mindfulness video, kids are taught to explore their thoughts and feelings. Practicing it on a daily basis will make kids feel calmer and happier.

The guided relaxation technique works like an eyeopener in the deep mind-body connection. And help children find links between emotions and physical sensations. Mindfulness involves becoming a nonjudgmental, outside observer of your own thoughts. Are you ready to try this mind-calming technique?

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10. Guided Meditation for Children 

This guided meditation video will kill your stress! You have to imagine standing on a gentle hillside, visiting a magical waterfall, and seeing a beautiful landscape. The soft music and soothing voice will help you avoid distractions, settle your thoughts, unravel tension in the body, relieve stress, and feel ecstatic. 

11. 20 minute Guided Mindfulness Exercise

This 20 minutes mindfulness exercise guided by an amazing and soothing voice is best for older kids and teens. The video is the combination of mindfulness practices of observing the breath and Passive Progressive Relaxation (PPR). This technique brings awareness to myriad sensations that occur throughout your body.

Practicing this technique on a daily basis will relax your body, quieten your mind, and push you to a happy zone. Kids will understand their body and mind better and learn to live better even with problems and worries. 

12. Hot Air Balloon Ride: A Guided Meditation for Kids

A 15 minutes guided mindful activities for kids that will promote good sleep and dreaming. This video is perfect for kids of all ages and is best if practiced at bedtime. You need to lie down on a bed, imagine a hot air balloon, visiting a zoo, and going for a balloon ride with your favorite animal from the zoo. Such children’s visualization technique is great for relaxation and washing away stress, anxiety, or worries. 

13. 5 Mindful Activities for Kids

This video teaches 5 simple and practical mindful activities for kids 5 years and up.  Each one is designed to improve self-regulation, unwind the mind, tune into their listening, and sharpen concentration.

Mindfulness is one of the most beneficial and powerful things that you can do for your well-being. Try the above-suggested mindful activities for kids videos and let me know the results in the comments.

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