Why The Best Time To Take a Nap Is Before Bedtime

Why The Best Time To Take a Nap Is Before Bedtime

Do you love taking naps? Well, there’s nothing better than resting even if it’s for just a few minutes. I’m somewhat a night owl, and I’ve spent most of my time feeling sleep deprived. However, last year, I sent my last born to college, and a lot has changed. For instance, I don’t have to move up and down trying to complete different house chores as I prepare my kids for school.

Now I’ve learned to stay still and give in to ‘the call’ of my sofa. So, before I lay on my mattress, I usually find myself sleeping on my couch, and it’s quite amazing! Here, I would like to show you why you should also try this out for it’s one of the best solutions to insomnia.

You’re Probably Tired!

We all perform different tasks during the day. Suitable examples include working in industry, teaching, or working long hours in the hospital. Of course, working in such environments wears out your muscles and makes your body feel tired.

So, once you take in your last spoon at dinner, don’t hesitate to sleep on your couch as you’re just giving your muscles time to relax before you go to bed. Back then, I used to go through continuous back pains which made getting sleep even harder. But, by sleeping on the sofa for an hour or two, I ease the effects of these tense muscles and sleep like a baby once I sink into bed.


Helps You to Heed The Alarm


I’m probably the largest culprit of ignoring the alarm in the morning. Are you the same too? Well, if you are, then it’s a good idea to take a nap just before going to sleep. Here, you’ll have to set a specific time on your timer to alert you when the time comes to go to bed.

Keep in mind that even though the couch may feel comfortable, it cannot substitute the comfort of your King or Queen Size mattress. It’s therefore essential, to set the right the time to go to bed, preferably one or two hours. Eventually, you’ll get used to your alarm and waking up in the morning will only get easier!

It’s Just a Continuation of Sleep!

Do you spend long hours in bed trying to catch some sleep? Well, this is something that used to trouble me. In most cases, I found myself glaring at the ceiling for many hours. Shockingly, I later discovered that it’s the first sign of sleep deprivation and it gets even worse with time.

So, once I started sleeping on the sofa, I noticed a couple of changes in my sleeping routine:

  • It was pretty easy going to bed early
  • I slept throughout the night
  • I enjoyed uninterrupted sleep with awesome dreams!

Of course, there’s still a lot for you to do if you’re having trouble sleeping. Fortunately, I know that these reasons will convince you to try napping right before bed as compared to any other part of the day. You never know, it might be just what you need to improve your level of sleep!

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