15 Best Thanksgiving Movies For Kids And Adults

Thanksgiving Movies Kids Adults

9. Home for the Holidays

A feel-good movie for people belonging to dysfunctional families. It’s very exciting to see how a family get together turns very chaotic, and secrets come out. But, in the end, our protagonist Claudia Larson gains a new outlook on things. This is my mother’s all-time favorite among family thanksgiving movies!

IMDb – 6.6

10. The Big Chill

For all those who are experiencing the coming-home-for-the-holidays feel, The Big Chill is sure to be on the list of family Thanksgiving movies. A group of college friends meets at a South Carolina vacation home after a long time again after the death of another of their college buddies. 

IMDb – 7.2

11. Pieces of April 

Quirky and rebellious April Burns hosts her family for Thanksgiving at the apartment where she lives with her boyfriend. But, she is an inexperienced cook and has never shared a happy bonding with her mother. And she notices that her oven is broken, which adds to the pressure. Genuine sweetness, endearing performances, and playful humor make this movie a touching holiday treat. 

IMDb – 7.0

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12. Hannah and Her Sisters

Extremely touching and funny, this American comedy-drama is all about the time between two Thanksgivings. Hannah finds out about her husband’s secret affair with her sister Lee, while Lee’s ex-husband is dating her third sister, Holly. Watch how we make our lives complicated searching for love. 

IMDb – 7.9

13. Queen of Katwe

A Ugandan girl Phiona sees her world rapidly change after being introduced to the game of chess by Robert Katende. She becomes the top player that helps her escape the life of poverty. A compelling movie that will keep you hooked till the end. For me, this movie is the best ever with lots of emotions and authenticity and no scope of nonsense. Queen of Katwe is one of the must-watch Thanksgiving movies for kids and adults who love Chess!

IMDb – 7.4

14. What’s Cooking?

The family thanksgiving movies list is incomplete without “What’s cooking?” Four different families (Latino, Asian/Vietnamese, African, and Jewish) all with different problems in real life gather together for Thanksgiving dinner. As the different dinners progress, hidden agendas and the truth starts coming out. The movie also includes irreversible kitchen mishaps. This movie gives that warm family feeling that people get around holidays. 

IMDb -7.0

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15. Sweet November

A wonderful romantic movie to kick off the holiday season. A high-powered executive starts a new relationship with a free-spirited woman for a short period. This turns out to be a life-altering romance for the man. The movie is sure to make you love, smile, laugh, and be emotional. 

IMDb – 6.7 

These are the 15 best Thanksgiving movies for kids and adults to watch and enjoy after the big meal. Which one is your favorite? Drop a comment below. 

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Have a happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving Movies Kids Adults pin
15 Best Thanksgiving Movies For Kids And Adults
Thanksgiving Movies Kids and Adults
15 Best Thanksgiving Movies For Kids And Adults
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