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11 Best Jobs for Introverts and Quiet Types

11 Best Jobs for Introverts

Introverts strength in the workplace.

Our society is culturally conditioned to value the trait of extraversion over introversion. Right from a young age we are wired to believe that only extroverts can be effective leaders and get work done. We have been wired to equate extroversion with competence and skill.

But that has been changing as the world is waking up to the incredible strengths that Introverts bring to the workplace.

Introverts are focused, diligent, analytical, and extremely productive with very little oversight. That makes them great at executing tasks.

They are even great at planning as they are visionaries who can see the big picture perspective and connect the dots and come up with elaborate and detail-oriented plans.

And we have not even started talking about how great they are at being naturally creative, thanks to their quiet time and introspection that leads to their rich inner world.

Introverts can also be great leaders because they are very empathetic and sensitive and take time to listen to their team members. People are naturally drawn to them due to their empathetic and humane nature.

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The Best Jobs for Introverts

The strengths listed above are the best guides for Introverts for finding a happy and fulfilling career.

Here are my top 11 career recommendations for introverts:

1) Legal Profession

When we think of the legal profession, we mostly picture extroverted people who are always up for debate? Right?

But that image is not pretty accurate. In fact, the majority of attorneys are in fact introverts.

Being a lawyer requires a lot of reading, research work, writing, and preparing for the case that requires a lot of focused attention which is an introvert trait.

Introverts are also detail-oriented and can excel at professions like Paralegals that require a lot of in-depth research and extensive writing and do not even require you to be in the spotlight.

2) Creative fields

Introverts are naturally great at creativity and can excel at jobs that require creative content like videographer, writer, blogger, graphic designer, animator and the list is endless.

All these fields provide a creative outlet for the introverts where they can utilize their skills to the maximum and also provide work opportunities that are mostly remote so that they can work solo from anywhere.

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3) Researcher

Research work is great for an introvert because it requires two things that Introverts are great at Extensive reading and written communication.

Introverts are generally very curious and observant and they like to read extensively so they thoroughly enjoy researching new topics.

Also since writing generally requires them to work solo and provides an outlet for their creativity.

Any job that requires a combination of extensive reading and writing is a dream job for an Introvert.

4). Financial Advisor

Jobs in the Financial sector may require a little bit of client interaction but most of the work requires countless hours behind a computer screen working on spreadsheets and complex financial statements. Accountants can find jobs where they don’t always work directly with clients, especially when you get into jobs requiring a Master’s Of Accountancy, usually at large corporations.

Financial jobs are great for Introverts because again they give them an opportunity for solo work that does not require a lot of people facing or coordination.

Also, it is a great role that can utilize the strengths of Introverts like detail orientation, analytical thinking, and big picture perspective.

6). Anything in IT

With the boom in the digital technology sector, there are a lot of jobs for techies like systems administrators, software engineers, and data analysts, or web developers.

Not only are these careers lucrative in terms of pay but they also provide an opportunity for introverts to utilize their creative problem skills and build something from grounds up.

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