Being Shy When Dating? – Tips to Overcome

When it comes to men, there is nothing called as shyness. Well, this is a myth because shy men exist everywhere around the globe and for them, handling relationships is a task. Either both of them are shy, then things would still be understood, but when one talks as well as expresses the most and the other does not, things turn weird sometimes.

There is a possibility that you wouldn’t be picked by anyone if you are shy in the first place, but there are still women out there who like dating shy men. However, being shy in the field of dating would not work out for you. So, you should be getting down to taking notes of how you can come out of the cocoon.

If you are someone who’s facing the same problems and looking forward to being a little bold when it comes to dating, the tips mentioned below will help you be the man.

  • Breathe when your woman is around  – Not only THE woman but whenever you’re surrounded by women, you need to breathe easy and relieve all your stress. Putting a lot of pressure on yourself would not take you anywhere and just focus on yourself and believe that you can do it without being so shy. Just be patient with how you’ll introduce yourself to her and DO NOT try to be overconfident, it will do more harm than good to you.
  • Realize that women are human beings – just like you – Who said anything about only men being the shy guys? Women too are shy (not all) and they too get nervous when they are in a similar situation. All you got to remember is – not every conversation with a beautiful woman would lead to exchanging numbers, long conversations and finally dating. It could be just a ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ kind of communication. So, treat them casually without being so much worried. Women too are shy and feel the same like you do. So treat them that way.
  • Ask yourself the reason of the shyness – All you got to do to not-to-be-so-shy is that you introspect about the reasons for which you feel this way around your woman. Once you understand the problem, it’ll be easier for you figure out a solution that would actually workout for you.
  • It is about your body language and dressing – If you really want to take things to the next level in your relationship and shed the shyness away, you need to boost up the level of confidence. And, that will happen when you dress well (in your own eyes as well as others) and work on your body language. While the latter takes time and a lot of practice, the former is all about choosing the right clothes and avoiding some pieces in your wardrobe. Once this is done, you’ll be a happy person and a confident one as well.
  • DO NOT compare yourself with others – No two fingers of your hand are equal to another. You need to brush up on this idiom which means that no two people are identical in every possible sense. Hence, you need to stop comparing yourself to the other guys. Whether it is their dressing choices, physique or the entire personality, you are no lesser than anyone else and with this belief, you would yourself feel better as well as more confident.
  • Practice talking in front of the mirror – “Practice makes a man perfect”. And, it is time for you start practicing rehearsing your naughty lines, the act of seduction and every possible thing in front of the mirror before you say the same to your partner. It will be beneficial for you in being the bold one of the two.

Are you shy? Hope this post helps you and gives new heights to your relationships.

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