Being nice to someone you hate..

Being nice to someone you hateΒ doesn’t mean you are fake.
It means you are mature enough to tolerate your dislike towards them.


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  1. Mr. Gerry Blue now you are in hot water for defending me and saying that I am Lovely hahahaha but still we really connect since day one here on Journal of the mind lolz:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I loved chivalry… I love conventional people like Mr.Gerry Blue…that true gentleman to me lolz:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I loved old fashioned people with dignity and integrity πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and self respect and high respect to women lol now be careful with your adjectives for me hahahaha now I'm hungry. and laughing hard…PEACE to all…:-) Maybe you have to tell Her she's lovely too lolz:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Helen Landero Punay I know that my name appears correctly written each time I respond or comment. I know I took great strides in spelling correctly your entire name and finally I know you thought nothing of butchering mine. Therefore, we each withstand the storm of reason of each other and agree that no matter what each of us stands on it resembles a pile of horse manure in a rainstorm. Cleaned, cooked, served and this topic is thoroughly DONE! Be Well and I mean that in all of my transparency and honestly. rotfl

  3. Gerry Blue I find it amusing when others attempt to interpret what the comments of strangers mean. What you sense is perhaps your own sensitivity since nothing, absolutely nothing said was rude, hateful. Her response denotes she continues to feel as if nothing is wrong. To project onto others in defense of someone who doesn't care has an outcome of what exactly?? How do you know Helen is a lovely lady? What disrespect did you project through words? We all have our own reality. I don't invite anyone to share in mine, simply express it. Apparently, Helen and I do agree on that one point. Now, what issue are you trying to drudge up in your pursuit of chivalry?

  4. I said being nice all the time is a mask!!! And I am tired of being g Kind anymore…. What do you know Pickron and Sunjato Assiatou..both of you have no idea what I have been through forrrrrrrr being soooooooo nice and being Kinddddd…so do not judge me your opinions and beliefs could. Not imposed on my persona…I have my own mind and heart and its up to me how I will use it!,,.You cannot fool the fool who pretends you have fooled the fool….Simple Arithmetic hhahaha…Battle of the Brains? you are making me happy….I loved brains talking lol:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. If all the fellas hated me for being honest and real…well that is their problem Mr. Gerry Blue…as I've said people taught me to be …..who cares attitude now lol…….Be happy fellas hate bashing me here won't me retreat in fear hahaha.This is beautiful…. hahaha yeyyy Battle of the Minds….welcome bashers….Honesty and Truths… and being real always hurt people now I'm laughing hard thank you allll!!!

  6. Simple?..Miss Assiatou Sunjata…..I don't wake up to please people…. I am not a people pleaser…. Being real…is Not being selfish….or Narcicisstic…. you seemed to be such a judgemental person,, Pls distinguish Selfish to Selfless!,, I respect your opinion of my statement but it is up to how to react in font of people……it is ….my attitude depends on how you treat me …It is called Human Instinct!,,, Thus… I don't compete with anyone or think I'm righteous in fact I am a sinner God said that…I am only waking up to impress my God not humans:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. Being nice is just a mask…lol like being polite even if you want to squeeze their necks already. …hahahaha…but honestly, I am transparent if I don't like you I will never talk to you period…. what you see is what you get …no cover ups…just like ….if you don't like me so then I don't like you too duh!!!:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Exactly! I use silence very wisely to let someone know I don't like them or their behavior. Especially with men. I use eye contact with no words…. or no eye contact and no words (when they are trying to talk to me)… Then when I look into their soul and speak with clear purpose they decide to listen carefully πŸ˜› its an alpha-male thing.. If I look into a woman's eyes with no words I just fall in love πŸ™ so I have to very gently tell them that I simply don't like something… And what I prefer instead… then compliment them to make them feel better. It's a strange world but I am a fan :') πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    2. Helen Landero Punay, you must be a wonderful person to work with and be around. Unless we are transparent ALL the time and ALL the time say what we think no matter whether it HURTS someone else, WE all wear a mask or more than one. Just because we don't subscribe to one of them, doesn't mean we live without ANY of them. Always, amused at folks who profess they don't give a damn about what others feel or how they take their version of being real, authentic, honest, transparent. It just means they may be too self-absorbed, too selfish, too brutally inept or narcissistic to realize when they have committed the greatest human Faux pas and that is to not be able to maneuver themselves emotionally or intellectually around others.

    3. I used to follow your policy Helen Landero Punay
      has a few ups – as in, never to fake anything, be clear. eople knew me.
      But it does have a lot many drawbacks too. I read somewhere, If you have an option between being right and being kind. Choose being Kind. I have been pretty rude with people around (of course when they were wrong) but what lesson do they get ? Am I not here to pass a message. I am being the other way now, and trust me – it feels like being so awesomely correct. Try it… You might just uncover something beautiful for yourself and for others

    4. Also, we have so little time on earth really. I can remember being bullied in elementary school. The fear, the terror, the anguish, the anger. Now, in my 50s, I realize that I am only responsible for how I react or not to what others say or do not their actions. I am not willing any longer to take on their burdens. If we profess to be totally honest instead of exercising being human and yes, it may mean not being brutally honest we lose the greatest gift of all. Sometimes people are brought into our lives in order to test our humanity. Sometimes, we can't and won't know what happened to that person to make them the way they are and others might be thinking the same of our professed honesty. To always be prickly in the quest for authenticity opens others up in observation of what might be wrong with us.

    5. Well I sense hate towards a lovely lady such as Helen… who does not deserve such a form of disrespect. Sometimes you have to be transparent avoid yourself getting hurt!!! Its not just about being selfish and not worrying about how other people feel that's a negative way of thinking… A more light hearted way to think… Would be if she is lovely lady then being transparent shouldn't hurt anyone!!! But some people look for the bad when there isn't any… If someone disrespects you repeatedly… You can be transparent and show that disrespecting people is not right.. It's not 'human'. If you be nice to someone who is continuously disrespecting you… Then who is the fool? No matter how intelligent you are… It will have a negative impact on your soul if you do not put an end to it. Helen is lovely and she means well. I love her positivity. It brings out the best is most people.

    6. The Minds.Journal… I used to be the kindest but people have been rude to me at all times.. People made me to be cynical and I could not trust anybody right now also Cuz of people and society….. so I've changed a lot I could not even smile a lot now because most people are fake. Though I could not see myself to others …I do what I do anonymously… I don't like being kind and help others to be famous I only want o help and be kind in my own little way…anonymously all the time..I don't need to be famous… I just want to be me but some people always wants to put you down even though outdo something good o Humanity most people hated you for something good… that you are doing… Most people and even my kid taught me to be cynical at times cuz I am so sensitive but observant. In many cases mostly people Dear to you doesn't appreciate your goodness when me….I would love everyone with their goodness as well as their flaws…thus my previous comments is HOW people treat me so unfairly so I've changed from very sweet very understanding very polite very respectful to be cynical and sometimes a bitch depends on how you treat me fellas πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    7. I am never selfish Assiatou …I said I am Selfless and I am tired of being nice all the time..Selfless….that I forgot to love myself and forgot to care for myself and forgot that I have needs too be cause I gave it all to people closest to my heart… to my friends…to a lot of people… What di d I get??stepping on my person…envy and gossip behind my back…and talks that I did nothing for all of them??? Now tell me fellas why I say if you don't like me ..who cares I don't like you too attitude… who taught me that???Damn if you do…and damn if you don't… so I better listen to Barry Manilow's song…I did my best…but my best isn't good enough!!!!! People changed the real good person in real life…. but still at the end of the world I will answer to God my Creator not with people my only consolation. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Hmmm… If I switched the
    word 'nice' to 'professional' I could agree… In this way it means the same thing anyway…
    I generally percieve being 'nice' as a fake version of 'kind' and in some cases being 'nice' can be immature to your soul and leave room for weakness to be taken advantage of. If I really dislike someone… I show them that I do not enjoy their presence. They must be pretty poisoned for me to dislike them… If its
    a situation where I have to be around them a lot then I will show them a better way to behaive with determination until they change. If they have a learning difficulty e.g. down syndrome, that is the only time I will be 'nice' but even then it is an act of kindness and I will still try to teach them.

    1. No fake. Being nice is a choice to be the person you really are (if you are nice, that is) instead of being baited to act spitefully. If someone you dislike is drowning, would you cross your arms and say: 'Serves you right'?

    2. I do agree that you do not have to be RUTE to someone you hate but that is not the issue here. Regardless of ones acting skills one can never hide the non verbal component (hate). that is what FAKE is all about – when one can observe that there are HATE feelings combined with NICE act.

    1. Being nice, polite, decent, whatever, doesn't mean that you deny your feelings, or fake sympathy where there is none. And 'nice' is not a fixed value for everybody. I, for one thing, consider my behavior nice enough if I don't punch you in the gut if I really, really hate you. I don't want to lower myself to that level. Of course it would be nicer if I didn't hate you at all, but you know, nobody is perfect. And what is the meaning of behavior when it comes to love? Some people that I love dearly can be quite obnoxious, wouldn't want them different. And some people I hate are pretty decent.

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