How To Be A Better Person, According To Science

how to be a better person

But that’s not all. Being nice and learning how to be a better person can also make you more likeable. One 2019 study revealed that being a nice person can make someone appear more attractive in mate selection. In fact, kindness was found to be a more important predictor for attractiveness for choosing a life partner than physical attractiveness, sense of humor and social status. Niceness is beneficial not just on an individual level, but it is also essential for our communal development. One 2014 study states that even though cooperation and fairness may “restrict immediate self-interest,” it can be exceptionally beneficial for others in need and for our society at large.Social norms, such as treating others fairly regardless of kin relations, are essential for the functioning of human societies. Their existence may explain why humans, among all species, show unique patterns of prosocial behaviour,” adds the study.

Be The Best “You”

How To Be A Better Person, According To Science
How To Be A Better Person, According To Science

We may be motivated to become a nicer and a better version of ourselves for various reasons. Regardless of what our motivation is, when we take the right steps towards self improvement we can finally become who we want to be – our most authentic selves. Understanding how to be a better person starts with treating ourselves with kindness and compassion like we do with others. This means not being too hard on yourself when you fail at times and being patient and loving with yourself when the chips are down.

The research-backed strategies mentioned here are great ways to get started, but there are many other ways that may work for you depending on your personality, lifestyle, needs and goals. Simply do what makes you happy, be as helpful towards others as you can be, build healthy relationships, love yourself and spread that love into the world. That’s the best any of us can do.

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How To Be A Better Person, According To Science
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How To Be A Better Person, According To Science
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