1. To get close personally, I have learned how to change the way I view things.
    To get authentic, you must be authentic ~words/actions/real time life all match.. when we pay attention to details, I am a detail kinda girl.
    To get personal with business only subject~ that is a horse of a different color for me!
    I don't do anything online with finances, no banking or paying bills..I avoid anything that could hurt me identity or financially.
    Enough of me 'publicly'.. is already out there from before electronic days & nothing that I shared.
    Two different examples of wrong personal info & my take & extreme opposite perspectives.
    You are right, it is a different world n brain always required.

  2. Totally understand that but I'm my Personal Experience with this I'm an Ex Police Officer it's very hard to get close To Anymore.I wish I wasn't so guarded but I trust No one and this is apparently a problem that won't be fixed it's not about being superficial it's a dangerous word personal information is just that no justification on this !

  3. Trouble is Holly, no disrespect intended nor suggesting you should feel this way about yourself, as many are very private about the inner world of them selves ( as I was most of my life- very outspoken & opinionated about everything but the real me until last few years)
    Wrong personal business?!? What constitutes wrong personal business?
    That will vastly vary from one person to another, right?

    It is my journey & my story, and life from my real perspective.
    The good, bad & ugly…and the laughter & love.
    It saves time & effort too~ I appreciate the open/broad minded that are not overly judgemental & superficial who can be realistic & learn from everyone, I grow from facts & 6 sided views.. but that's just me.
    Those that can't or don't wish to get beyond my clothes or skin or my words/thoughts, are not for me & me for them.
    I share my highest n lowest n my nothingness.. it is anothers persons right to accept or reject what is offered.
    Hahaha, don't get me wrong… I don't run around forcing strangers to hear my skeletons..but careful what you ask..you may not wish to hear my answers or read my words.