Harsh Brutal Truths About Your Zodiac Sign

Scorpions enjoy exerting their power in every relationship they engage in, and consequentially, they take their relationships as a series of political power plays.

They demand a lot while refusing to give the same in return. Ultimately, they create terrible messes which they can’t clear up.

Some people just love to see the world burn.



Irritating Attention-Seekers

Sagittarius may seem to be eccentric with all their oratory and philosophical anecdotes, but be advised not to judge a book by its cover.

In plain sight, their lofty words are just a way to make them avoid the reality they want to ignore. Because they’re just empty underneath the appearance.

They’re not after knowledge, but the pretense of it.



Social-Climbing Sharks

Capricorns come off as dull, cold and uncaring unless you have some dough that could help them. Capricorns are social climbers because they have a little brain or ability to achieve things on their own.

A Capricorn would probably only have fun calculating whom to make friends with and whom to kill to get to the top.



Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing

On the outset, Aquarians appear to be eccentric, unique and humanitarian. However, it’s only their desire to be unique that makes them unique.

If you don’t believe me, ask their partners, and you’ll know how uncaring and apathetic they are in personal relationships under the guise of a saint.

They are, after all, no geniuses.



Sentimental Nobodies

After a while, you forget how your face looks under the mask. Pisces has always gone in the direction of the current and forgot where it actually wanted to go.

This is why they only have a vague sense of the self and live in a state of chaos.

There are big bad wolves in this world, and Pisces, you are lost.

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Harsh Brutal Truths About Your Zodiac Sign

Harsh Brutal Truths About Your Zodiac Sign
Harsh Brutal Truths About Your Zodiac Sign

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