Before – Mindtalk

Before - Mindtalk

Before human kind was created, other creatures roamed the earth. They depended on each other. Some in a violent manner and others, just to get by. When we started figuring out what we were supposed to do. The only thing that came to our mind was, ” Survive”. And while we were ” surviving” the world around us crumbed at our feet. Exactly like each time we kill animals, cut down trees, pollute. We want to make a difference, but really we just leave scars that break the Earth. One day we wont be here, so why does it matter to make a change? To be noticed? To do something? I mean if that is the true purpose, than why are we not dead yet? Some people want fame, to change things, to be seen. Maybe we should just try to have things the way we want them then. To be spoiled. If God gave us that ability, the world would truly be dead. A full book of cheats… So think, before Earth, where was our place? What about now? Who rules the World really? Why are we here? These questions cant be answered. Or maybe in the kingdom of Heaven, they can. I guess we wait and see.

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