Socializing 101 For Introverts: 6 Tips To Becoming More Social As An Introvert

Socializing 101 For Introverts: 6 Tips To Becoming More Social As An Introvert

3. Practice, practice, practice

Before you attend the party, prepare some interesting conversation starters. You can talk about some exciting project you’re working on or some book or movie you found interesting or may be some topical news. Small talk may be uninteresting but it can often open doors to great conversations and connections.

“Introverts think carefully before they speak. We can be excellent public speakers because we prepare carefully.” – Sophia Dembling

4. Be confident. Be honest. Be humble.

As I said earlier, tap into your inner extrovert while staying in touch with your true self. Flex your extrovert muscles and be uber confident in social situations. I know it can be hard for people with an introverted personality, but this can work wonders for you and attract positive social feedback. So be yourself, be confident and smile when you walk into a room. Shake hands and feel good about yourself. This can lead to something really great.

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5. Style a statement piece 

If you’re like me and you hate small talk, then wear statement fashion piece. It could be a fancy dress or some high fashion accessory or something that’s a bit weird. It can be anything that will make people talk about it. You can also compliment someone’s look or their sense of style and casually start a conversation.

6. Have an exit strategy

Just because you are attending an event doesn’t mean you have to stay till the end. Realize that you can leave anytime you want to. Have a plan in place for a graceful exit when you feel your energy reserves are going down. It is a great idea to drive yourself to the event as you can leave whenever you feel like it. Or you can book a cab online and split fast.

Once you reach home, take pride in the fact that you have survived socializing and did a great job at it. Now relax and be prepared for the next one when the time comes. The more you socialize, the easier it will get.

Tell yourself: “I am good at socializing.”

“When a quiet introvert talks, heads turn, and that’s power.” – Laurie Helgoe

To introverts like us, socializing may not feel like the most natural thing. But that does not mean we don’t enjoy going out. It simply means we don’t feel mental stimulation or energy by being sociable, unlike extroverts. It requires a lot more mental energy than we are willing to invest. We’d rather spend time with ourselves and get recharged.

But just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you’re bad at it. For all you know, you may be exceptionally good at socializing. It’s just that you haven’t tried it enough. So stop being reclusive and start going out more. It doesn’t have to be grand events all the time. Start small and move forward from there. Just make sure when someone invites you next time, say yes with the intention of actually going.

Socializing 101 For Introverts: 6 Tips To Becoming More Social As An Introvert
Socializing 101 For Introverts: 6 Tips To Becoming More Social As An Introvert

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