11 Psychological Hacks For Men To Become More Attractive

Can We Become More Attractive To Everyone?

No. Nor would you want to.

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While it is absolutely possible to become more attractive, the point isn’t to become more attractive to the entire marketplace (i.e. the entirety of the gender that you’re looking to be in relationship with) but, more accurately, you want to become more attractive to a specific niche within that market that you resonate with.

To continue with the business analogy, there are very few products on the market that appeal to absolutely everyone. But there are millions of products that are wildly attractive and valuable to a certain subset of the market who are meant to use/consume those products.

For example, an iPhone could be useless to someone who lives off of the grid, doesn’t like using electricity for any reason, and wants to live a life of isolation… but wildly useful to a 28-year-old graphic designer who lives in San Fransisco and runs their own business.

So value is always relative.

Alright, enough pre-amble.

If at this point, you feel resentful of the mirror that I have held up to you, then it’s best you turn back now and go back into your mom’s basement.

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If you’re ready to do the work and make something more of yourself, then here we go. From the superficial to the deep inner work, we’ll cover the whole spectrum in this beast of a guide.


Here are the eleven highest leverage ways you can become a more attractive man to the type of partner you’re looking to attract.

11 Psychological Hacks For Men To Become More Attractive

1. Improve your body

Putting effort into your physical fitness is less about looking jacked and having six pack abs than it is about what it says about your relationship to yourself overall.

If you put energy into how your body functions and operates, then any potential romantic partner that might be sussing you out can accurately trust that you are a man who is willing to take care of himself and attend to his own needs.

When asked what the #1 piece of business advice he would give to young entrepreneurs would be, Sir Richard Branson simply said, “Work out.” Because, to paraphrase his words, if you’re looking to build a world-class business, it is absolutely imperative that you give love and attention to this fancy little meat sack that carries you through life. Without health, nothing else matters. It is on the first rung of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for a reason.

Personally, over the last year, I have been working out with a personal trainer (for weightlifting) twice per week, a gymnastics coach (primarily to learn how to backflip/do basic tumbling), and I have done at-home workouts (with resistance bands and a kettlebell) also on a weekly basis. The positive changes that I have experienced in my mind, my sleep, and my sex drive are massively apparent.

You don’t need to go to the gym and do resistance training in order to train your body. Trail running, dance classes, yoga, cycling, whatever. Simply pick up any physically active hobby that you love doing, and do it.

Put work into improving your physical fitness, not from a place of getting swole, but from a place of self-honoring and self-love.

Your sense of groundedness, mental and emotional health, and sex life will all improve exponentially if you truly make your body a priority.

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