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Beautiful Scars

Beautiful Scars

Everyone suffers from different pain and they have their own way of dealing with it. Sometimes it leaves permanent scars but it should not be the reason to have negative look on things that are yet to come. It tends to make us stronger than we were before.

There are times that our heart wants to burst. We cry every night hoping for the pain to stop. It tears us apart, all we could do is to endure the pain, focus, and make our mind occupied. We smile, hiding all the pain inside pretending we’re just fine.

As the days go by, we didn’t notice that we are healing from those wounds and scars. Our smiles become real. We feel ourselves again and become lively. We become more of our old selves. We become more patient for the thing that is meant for us and we learn to easily let go of the things that aren’t.

We start to realize that sad moments didn’t last; it is just the process to heal as well as to grow. We become more careful and wiser. The anger we feel brought by such pain erases and become something that builds up in our hearts and mind.

We should always remember that holding on to things that give us depression and sadness will just make us look looser to life or to the one who’s hurt us.

Maybe we should keep in mind that everything happens for a reason, that we can get through it no matter how hard or hurt it is, that there is something good coming along, that it is all just a test given by him, which his ways to make us the better version of ourselves.