“Beautiful Sadness” Some See it, Some Don’t

“Beautiful Sadness” Some See it, Some Don’t

We’re outgrown by love, but society creates the never ending matters that shatters minority’s hearts. For all that matters; certain circumstances fall into places and pieces of desperation, creating sadness and tragedy. But love, sometimes conquers all. And with that, comes the hungry senses that makes men seek for certain prejudice; would they capable for living this life? would they not?

We’re outgrown by value, of keeping the balance that nurture what’s right and what’s not—on our mind. This we called; Beautiful Sadness.

Things can be beautiful, if you look at it differently, and things can also be painful, which all depends of how you see the world with your eyes. Beautiful thing sometimes comes with expensive price. Would you rather be value, or to be dependent on what was not yours?

This, we talk about love. In the world where people share their stories with no more than prejudice, and sadness comes in between, as an eternal desperation that never seems enough. You see; sadness can also be beautiful. It depends on how you perceive things around you. Your belief system enhances the way you think about the world.

We see so many tragedies in the past, but were they beautiful? Of course not all. We’re exploited by the stereotypes in society that nurture us more with political issues, shaping the way we see the world, and what’s more crucial, is how we see ourselves in a mirror.

What would you want to be in the future? How would you love to see yourself ten years later?

This is what matters. Our own conviction will lead us to the path we know as “destiny”, the place where we see the ending of our life.

Each man has various perspectives when they see a problem. A person may judge something very harshly, neutrally, or even kindly. In such a story, have you ever heard the story fill with a lot of tragedies? Take the story of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare for instance. How could such a very tragic ending seen as beautiful when it looks bitter? This is what we called; the perspective. There is an art in every moment known as vibe, which if a person is able to receive the frequency of the vibe, they can understand it instantly, that the feeling can be beautiful and magnetic. And so people will understand Shakespeare, if they are on the same level of frequency when they follow the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Feeling is energy. Vibe is energy. Whatsoever you may call it—it’s really there. It is invisible from eyes, but visible by heart, which a person can feel it by emotion.

But the truth is, no one can describe it for you when it comes to vibe. Because vibe is something you have to feel, not something you are able to see.

Does “saudade feeling” look beautiful? Does it rather look bitter? This yearning feeling, if a person ever feels that, they may cry and look deeper into his/her soul with certainty, and most of them may agree that saudade has a vibe of beautiful sadness. Because deep down; the soul is calling home, and with no frustration whatsoever. Someone once said; everything is beautiful if you just look at it by heart.

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