Be Unfuckwithable: 5 Solid Ways To Be More Resilient

Be Unfuckwithable: 5 Solid Ways To Be More Resilient

Say no when you need to. Face a challenge when it’s right to. Be responsible when it’s easier not to. Because when you know what really matters to you, and that includes what you will and won’t compromise on, you can’t be fucked with.

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So many ways to fuck with yourself

There are so many more ways you get to fuck with yourself. Trying to self-validate your identity by people-pleasing and being a bottomless pit. Chasing an unchallenged notion of success because that’s what you’ve been told or trained to do. Not owning your story or your self because there’s something there that makes you uncomfortable or challenges your beliefs, only to find that same lack of ownership is exactly what’s keeping you stuck.

With all these ways to fuck with yourself, it’s a miracle you get anything done.

But you do get things done. You have times when you do something that gives you the warm fuzzies because, well, it just matters. You have times when you smash through a challenge because you bring your best to it and do what comes naturally. And you have times when you connect with someone deeply or laugh yourself silly because you accept the fact that you’re already enough.

Acceptance over denial. Ease over struggle. Integration over separation.

This is how you stop fucking with yourself and start living.

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Written by Steve Errey Originally appeared in Confidence.Coach

Be Unfuckwithable: 5 Solid Ways To Be More Resilient

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