Be The Real You


Be The Real You

When we are small we are conditioned to be someone that this society wants us to be and not who we are inside of us…

Sometimes it’s for parents, some time for the teachers, for relatives or for siblings…..where is that child gone who probably wanted to go on the hillside to paint his canvas but today is sitting with all-white collared people trying to figure out if his life is black n white or can he again paint it pink….

Where is that girl who used to put her dad’s shoes and stand in front of the mirror and delivering dialogues as if she is running a company but today she is in the kitchen serving either tea to mum in law or ironing hubby’s pants?

We all have those inner weird dreams that we want to live however, we are overburdened and being imposed to play a different role other than what we want to play.

Sometimes I look back and try to find out the girl who use to drape her mom’s sarees in the most funniest way, put on her heels, trembling and struggling to even stand in front of the mirror thinking she is next Ms.Universe and would give away the kisses in the air. Though today she is an Entrepreneur and a Corporate training coach. Life has its ways to offer and she accepted it as it came to her.

In this journey, no matter where we are. No matter what we are. One thing that is important to remember is WHO WE ARE. We need to know our strength, our values, our flaws and most importantly the core that is deep-rooted somewhere inside each one of us. The only thing which is required is self-realization and a Self Check.

Check yourself what is hidden beneath, check yourself what is broken inside,  check yourself what are you scared of, check yourself what you can fight and how you can fight and face the inner self and know the ‘Real You’.

Be the real you.

-By Roseleena


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