Be Picky With Whom You Invest Your Time

Be picky with whom you invest your time

Be picky with whom you invest your time in, wasted time is worse than wasted money.

10 thoughts on “Be Picky With Whom You Invest Your Time”

  1. No human is ever a waste of time. I on purpose gave my time to a psychopath hoping that one day my love may somehow touch his dark soul. I almost paid with my life but what is love if not to lay down your life for your brother. I live life in full and have zero regrets.

  2. Thruth! Can never make up for that wasted time and can never get it back. I regret the good I did for the wrong people only because they took it for granted and took advantage of my kindness and generosity. Never do wifey shit for a fuckboy and his kids!

  3. ah it’s never wasted… another soul is never a waste of time… imagine if someone thought that of you… just because you weren’t where they are… this post is actually pretty crap

  4. You think so? Well, something still tells me that compassion IS for everybody. There’s no really ‘waste of time’ going on .. It might feel like it at times but .. It’s just how compassion gets to work don’t you think?

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