Be in the now, they say! 

Making it sound so seamlessly possible or carelessly reckless.

The fact of the mater is, being in the now is instinctively natural yet lost with all our originality in a life of conditioned upbringing!

Being in the now is not about irresponsible choices or absolute happiness… it does not necessarily satisfy your every desire or grant you never-ending ecstasy… it is not about taking it easy or letting loose and you certainly don’t become in the now by ignoring the facts of life or the painful disappointments of its aftermath!

Being in the now requires awareness of ones self, abilities and probabilities. It is only possible through the conscious acknowledgement of the before and after. It can be anxiously daunting or enchantingly humbling.

How can one become without being? How can a ‘now’ be captured without foreseeing its relevance to the timeline it falls into and evolves from?

As much as there can’t be an original without an origin, the now will not be without what has been and what shall become…

It is the gut-filled act of presence against all odds.

Being in the now is a continuous state… not a decision or an action.


You are what you are by being what you are and becoming what you may be!!

As I always articulately phrase it: 
“The act of searching contradicts with the state of being.”

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