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7 Things You Need To Be Mindful Of While Practicing Yoga

mindful while practicing yoga

One cannot forget the brilliant contributions of Swami Vivekananda (he took Yoga to the West), Krishnamacharya Tirumalai, Yogacharya B K S Iyengar in the modern world. I would also take the privilege of mentioning the name of my revered Guru Padmashri Sadashiv Nimbalkar. It is he who encouraged an umpteen number of housewives to take interest in yoga. His motto in life is ‘Har Ghar Mein Yog’ and I must say he has been very successful in creating the right kind of energy and awareness amongst the general population especially women for Yoga.

Now that we have discussed the essence of Yoga in its crisp form; let us focus on the points that one needs to be mindful of while practicing yogasanas.

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7 Things You Need To Be Mindful Of While Practicing Yoga

1. Yoga is for all, irrespective of gender, age, body structure.

However, one needs to take care of the contraindications if in case of any bodily discomforts/limitations. This is where therapeutic postures come into the picture. In therapy yoga, asanas are modified a bit to help one perform it with the least discomfort thus assisting in easing the physical limitations.

2. Do not compete or be in a hurry to attain the final stage of postures.

Each body is different and so everyone would take their own time to achieve the final stage. Yoga requires daily practice, remember it’s a sadhana so take your time and be regular else one might injure oneself in the process. 

3. While going into and coming out of yogic postures make sure you keep your eyes open.

One needs to be aware of every muscle movement while practicing asanas, of course, this takes time but that should be the ultimate aim and that’s how it works on improving concentration.

4. Asanas need to be performed slowly, steadily, rhythmically, and gracefully.

Do not rush into postures. Remember you are doing asanas to calm down the mind and body. Speed only agitates the mind. Exercise requires speed and effort, not yogic postures. Asanas should be done effortlessly only then can one attain mental peace and stability.

5. Keep your focus on breath

The way you breathe while getting into, retaining, and at the time of coming out of postures. Try to keep it as normal as possible. One might find it difficult during the initial days of practice but with regularity, it becomes a habit. With sheer dedication and sadhana, one can witness a tremendous improvement in the way they breathe. Believe it or not, most bodily disorders are due to poor breathing and weak digestion. 

6. Along with asanas give importance to kriyas too

Internal cleansing- Shatkarmas, that way it works wonders on improving the immunity system.

7. Finally, don’t limit the practices to asanas and breathing alone

Cultivate the interest and curiosity of reading and understanding the scriptures and books written on yog. Yoga is so powerful that if done with dedication and perseverance; it has the power to change even the most rigid mind for good.

Today, on this auspicious day of International Yoga Day, I took this opportunity to share just a tiny drop from the vast ocean of knowledge called Yog. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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7 Things You Need To Be Mindful Of While Practicing Yoga
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