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Be Like Nature

To breathe, simply to breathe,
Is enough in itself.
To eat, until hunger disappears,
No excess is necessary.
To sleep adequately,
Is to be ready for what’s next.
All things beyond this point,
Can only be secondary.
All pursuits other than this,
Says inclination, not obligation.
To suffer from inclinations,
Is to negate life, to negate Nature.
Nature does what she does,
That’s all!
Something more isn’t required.
She just keeps on going,
Without force or suffering.
Support the Triangle of Life,
The rest will appear of its own accord.
Be the follower of your flow,
Be calm and live effortlessly,
Be like Nature.

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    Léo Leblanc
    Hello there! My name is Léo Leblanc, a french canadian poet. If you want to purchase my french works on poetry, here's the link on Amazon :éo-Leblanc/dp/2754743588
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