BE KIND! The more you give, the more you will get it in return and unexpectedly.

BE KIND! The more you give, the more you will get it in return and unexpectedly.

So here is the deal, a few years ago when I was in my teens, I thought being twice a bitch to someone who did me any wrong was the key to defending myself and feeling less horrible after being provoked. Boy was I wrong. Being harsh to someone is a vicious cycle that will have you hate yourself for harassing a fellow human being, even if you were just trying to get back at someone after being walked all over. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a pushover though, it means earn the respect that you deserve by being kind, polite and humble under any circumstance, especially in situations that would push you to do otherwise. Besides, no matter the outcome, being kind is good for your soul, body and mind.

My mom is the kindest woman I have ever known, and everything that I am and everything that I know today, I learned from her. She used to tell me to be kind to everything and everybody around me as if I was doing it for myself. But I was a pretty stubborn kid and I didn’t think much of it until I went to college and everything started sinking in.

There was this monk in my home town of Asmara, who helped kids with no one to look after. He never got too close to anyone personally, but he would beg for money and give it all to someone who needed it. So one day on his way to church, the monk saw a young boy on the street, sitting alone and was heartbroken. He vowed to help him anyway he could and he did. He got someone from a private school to pick him up and enroll him in their school, while he begged and payed the school fees. Abraham only knew about who was paying for him after the school authorities told him during his graduation, other than that, he never even talked to the monk.

Long story short, someone decided to sue the monk for abducting their kid. The monk was arrested and for some reason, the presiding judge did everything in his power to punish him. Supposed witnesses appeared before the court and testified that they saw the monk take the kid and after a grueling trial, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. But his lawyer appealed and the case was taken to a higher court.

Abraham was speechless after seeing the man who gave him life in cuffs and standing before him, in his courtroom. The people suing the monk were Abraham’s parents and they were talking about the kid they abandoned, Abraham. Abraham couldn’t hold his tears back at the monk’s sight but the monk didn’t even look up at anybody, and didn’t even know that his life was at the hands of the kid from the street. The monk looked like as if he didn’t care at what happened to him, he had a face that exuded happiness, content with whatever was about to happen to him. Every witness was recalled and asked to testify, which they refused to do so after knowing the fact that the kid who they lied about seeing getting abducted was the judge himself. Abraham’s parents didn’t know who they needed to apologize more to, the monk who they tried to send to jail to by lying or the son they abused and abandoned. The monk had already forgiven everyone without even being asked and the judge didn’t care.

Being kind doesn’t ensure that everyone that you come across will be kind to you, but I assure you the right ones will be.

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