Be kind but not too kind

Be kind but not too kind

Be kind to others by helping them finish the day at ease. Be kind to others by lending your ears when they want to share their stories with you. Be kind to others by showing respect of their identity. Be kind to others by treating them like they are the most precious person in the world. Be kind to others of being thankful and glad that they exist.

Be kind to others but not too kind.

Be kind but not too kind in a sense that others might take advantage with your kindness. People may talk sh*t ’bout you behind your back and it’s too late for you to figure out ’cause you already put too much trust on that person. We don’t know a friend of yours are already spreading rumors ’bout you and your boyfriend.

Be careful who you trust.

Be kind but not too kind to people who think you’re a toy that they play by letting you do the things they want. Its okay to ask twice or thrice but asking too much isn’t good anymore. You’re making them a patient in the hospital that needs to be fed or treated well by the nurse. Actually, you’re not saving them. You’re making them a dependent person, who can’t do things by themselves. Help them by not helping them.

Let them do the things they want and let them know that doing things on your own will profit in the future.

Be kind but not too kind when you let them throw jokes on you that you find offensive. Don’t allow others harm you. Let them know that you don’t like what they are doing. Tell them to stop because it already degrades your personality or it already lowers your self-esteem and I guess you don’t want that to happen. Just say stop if they say “your not smart” in a very offensive manner. Remember, nobody is smart, it is just a matter of hard work and perseverance to learn.

So, keep it in mind “Be kind but not too kind.”

By simply not doing their homework or project for school and letting them buy papers or pens instead of you buying it for them, is a big help or a big act of kindness towards them. Tell them politely that they don’t have you all the time to pamper their needs. Make them an independent person.

Now, rethink. Are you being too kind or just kind enough to survive in this mean and messy world?

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