How You Can Protect Yourself From Self-Proclaimed And Fake Narcissism Experts

Fake Narcissism

Online content that is generated by over-promising false experts has the capacity to stir up or activate traumatic memories with accompanied destructive and dangerous feelings and thoughts. As described in detail in both my “Human Magnet Syndrome” and “Codependency Cure” educational material, codependents, or people who are “Self-Love Deficient (SLD), have profoundly limiting and at times incapacitating struggles with PTSD.   

For chronically gaslit SLDs who have been brainwashed to identify with an implanted “self-narrative” and isolating and highly shaming contrived problems, the risk for Iatrogenic Trauma is far more severe, and consequently harmful. 

Hence, online generated services that accidentally or purposely trigger overwhelming and distressing anger or shame, or disassociated memories, can be highly consequential to unsuspecting SLD victims. For this reason, it can be safely assumed that seemingly benign online content may unintentionally provide “gasoline” as the solution to extinguish an SLD’s life-long engulfment in a “narcissistic abuse firestorm.” 

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The Fifty-Shades Of Pathological Narcissism 

After eight years of disappointing and heartbreaking experiences, I decided to try to solve the problem instead of bringing attention to it. This is when I postponed the writing of my “Codependency Cure™ book, while dedicating eight months to create an expert-level educational seminar series that was dedicated to clinically accurate and practical information and guidance about Pathological Narcissism, narcissistic abuse, Self-Love Deficit Disorder, and the escape from all of them.   

This ambitious educational project provides a counterpoint to the deluge of victim-oriented, overly simplistic pop-psychological explanations, “vilify the bad guy” pronouncements and unrealistic promises for relief. In determining the scope of content to include, I reviewed a great deal of information on pathological forms of narcissism, narcissistic abuse, and effective treatment programs for them. Moreover, I updated thirty-plus hours of my former seminar material on these topics.  

The title for this 3-day / 18-hour seminar series is “The 50-Shades of Pathological Narcissism.” Only clinically accurate and verifiable information about SLDD/codependency, narcissism, and narcissistic abuse was included. With regards to my unique content, I only incorporated concepts, theories, explanations, and treatment recommendations that were unanimously affirmed by my 250,000 plus YouTube Channel subscribers, former seminar and retreat participants, and the feedback given to me by readers of my books and social network connections.  

Because people in the helping professions need to know this information as much as the general public, it was created to resonate with as many types of potential participants. This educational series should provide victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse and those afflicted by Self-Love Deficit Disorder/codependency with the information that they so direly need.  The titles of the seminars are as follows:   

  1. Pathological Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse  
  2. How and Why SLD’s/Codependents Are Trapped by Narcissists
  3. How to Survive and Escape Narcissistic Abuse. Tools and Strategies 

Stopping The Insanity

In closing, a person who relies on online content from falsely proclaimed experts as their primary source of help for narcissistic abuse, codependency, or “Self-Love Deficit Disorder™, must be ever-so careful. Whether it is through guidance, information, or the services from talented coaches, psychotherapists, and other legitimate service providers, the help is out there! 

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Just take the time to do some basic research, and follow the adage that I too often heard, but did not follow: “if its too good to be true, it probably is.” Take the time to make good/safe decisions as there is a lot riding on it!


1. Discussed in detail in Chapter 2 of my “The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent-Narcissist Trap” book

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3. My 2018 book, “The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent-Narcissist Trap.”

4. My “Codependency Cure” work, which is also known as my “Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program,” was created after creating the “Human Magnet Syndrome” material.  It’s focus is on further explanations for the cause of SLDD, and the treatment to permanently resolve it.  Material explaining this work is available at the Self-Love Recovery Institute’s website

5.  Included in The Human Magnet Syndrome’s Chapter 11, “Gaslighting and Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome.” 

Check out Ross Rosenberg’s blog, The Human Magnet Syndrome for more informative articles.

Written By Ross Rosenberg  
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How You Can Protect Yourself From Self-Proclaimed And Fake Narcissism Experts
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