Be Strong Enough To Stand Alone

Be Strong Enough To Stand Alone

Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes. – Mark Amend

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  1. Thank you TMJ. You all gave me the love i needed to overcome an unexpected situation. You all are very good friends for me because this is what friends do. I' m very grateful really. Thank you TMJ for so kind words. .. Thank you, friend. Love.

  2. Fabiana Zeitter Lessons are always learned the hard way.. Trust is required, it does make the world spin.. but yes, not everyone has a heart as yours.
    Do not expect from other what you would do for him/her. Stay positive, feel proud of yourself for having a heart og Gold.
    Love to you Fab. Stay positive

  3. Aissatou Sunjata i don't need people around to feel good. But i had a circumstance. Accostumed to be sorrounded by few but good persons as here, i "naivly" went straight to the wolf' s mouth- poor wolves they don't deserve the comparison-. And the situation was too much for me. That was when i felt alone as i didn't for a very long time. But the lesson is there. Not everybody is good or kind. From now on i will remember my parents advice: "don' t speak to unknown people. They maybe dangerous". Wise words for all times.

  4. I have felt alone in a room with others, depends on the reason. Sometimes being alone is sufficient. It means you are with good people. Or, at least one you need to know enough to appreciate goodness. We spend too much time yearning to be with others. We lose sight of the fact we have to find, appreciate and love ourselves and then go out into the world comfortable in our own skin and willing to join the journey of others. Unless we are comfortable with ourselves, love ourselves, we can be in Carnegie Hall, or Yankee Stadium in NYC, full of people, sold out performances and still feel alone.

  5. I'm strong enough to do all of those things. Let's just hope that I can find the wisdom to let go and trust, so that I can stand together with anyone but myself when it's time. Beautiful message. Thank you. ❤️

  6. Respected Fabiana who's said you are alone? you are with your self,you are in active world,you are with US,you are in my prayers,you are staying with mother nature,Sun comes for your brightness and Moon coming back to communicate with you.You are surrounded with good HEALTH and your karma walking with you…never ever says about your loneliness please.

  7. I found answer in your question,when the time comes…wisely enough never allowed time to go my dear…use your time to stand together from beginning.

  8. Agree totally. No one will think of us as ourselves. It is how it' s meant to be and it is a fact. And it is good, it takes away a heavy weight from our shoulders too. We can always take something good even from the worst situations.

  9. Fabiana Zeitter my "us" is the family who was tortured by my being indifferent to change. I never had enough love to share with someone on a personal level. I am alone for so long..more than half of my life already and I'm happy this complications. I changed my belief about myself because what i was, what i did affected those that wants to love me..and it killed me too inside. I accepted the offered help, i bared my soul and the demons that tortured me. I compromised for that..met them half-way. I will never change who i am for a man. My change is for me..

  10. I enjoy being alone. And not having someone when you need it makes you stronger so that need dicreases. And you don't have to belong to anyone but only keep being yourself in good company.

  11. …most people will agree with these ideas and shout… amen, right-on,and true-that until the storm comes,then they run for shelter while others die for these ideals…sound familiar…enjoy what you have,it was bought and paid for with the blood of others…

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