Be A Woman Other Women Can Trust


Be A Woman Other Women Can Trust

Be a woman other women can trust. Have the courage to tell another woman direct when she’ has offended, hurt or disappointed you. Successful women have a loyal tribe of loyal & honest women behind them. Not haters. Not backstabbers or women who whisper behind their back. Be a woman who lifts other women.

-Sophia A. Nelson

35 responses to “Be A Woman Other Women Can Trust”

  1. Donna Rhea Dutton Avatar

    Amen ! Be real careful who you are friends with because in my case a girl who I thought was my friend turned out to lie and cause family members to turn against me. I knew she was talking about everyone else so many years ago I distances myself. I haven’t really been close to her in 15 to 20 years. I knew she was always talking about other friends and family so I knew to distances myself but years ago I caught her lying and the past 4 months I have found out she’s been lying again. Be very careful because some women gossip because they hate themselves. She weighs close to 400lbs and 5’3 and hates herself. Be careful some women use religion and pretend to care for you but really want to hurt you in every way ! I have some wonderful friends and I know they want the best for everyone and are loyal friends. Just be careful !!!!

  2. Kayce French Avatar

    That’s right lady! Love this!!

  3. Catherine Wilson Avatar

    My experience of females has been predominantly the negative snarly backstabbing, gossippy, quick to judge type. I barely have a single female friend because of this. I know a few good ones, but they are distant acquaintances.

  4. Maryam Jadoon Baig Avatar

    Nimra Shahzad this post <3

  5. Chiara Dean Avatar

    Holly Parker-benton Victoria Zanotto Cyndal Griffin Jamie Duggan Enya Parr you my tribe ✌️

    1. Holly Parker-benton Avatar

      Love is definitely in the air <3

  6. Severina Afrodita Avatar

    Watch out for those women that are snobby, but pretend to have high moral values, then you catch them backstabbing or gossiping maliciously, so they victimize you and tell everybody you go around harming people!!!

  7. Janine Stranger Avatar

    that wonderful line in Cloud Street… ‘A mother doesn’t need friends, she needs a team’

  8. Stephanie Louise Burns Avatar

    Allie Jane Dinnage Katy Samonova Gabriella Pinto Nunez Michelle Alarcon Ella Pragier

  9. Diana Buck Avatar

    I learned to break trust at a very early age, from a very large family of women who could not be trusted. It is something I am working on. Those of you who are there…will just have to avoid me til I am fully ‘mended’.

  10. Zahra Mirzai Avatar

    Where??? Where the fuck is there another woman like this besides me???!!!

    1. Zahra Mirzai Avatar

      Janine Stranger I run a resturant, and day in and day out I see the ugliness of humankind, especially women, they come in with friends one gets up to refreshen the other 3 talk shit, she comes back and they compliment her to no end, and this cycle repeats as each go to the bathroom… 2 best friends come in and one talks about husband trouble the other one consoles her… One week later the consoling best friend comes to dine with her best friends husband… I can’t say shit but I see everything and have concluded that most women are evil and cold hearted

  11. Tytti Salo Avatar

    very rare, these days

    1. Caro Lina Avatar

      Oui c’est ça! D’ailleurs il faut qu’on se voie ! Bisous

  12. Ah Okay Avatar

    😉 exactly

  13. Mary Trimble Avatar

    Love this! Sisterhood…..

  14. Annette Joyner Avatar

    I tell you I’m so glad I got some strong women behind me

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