How To Live Life To The Fullest and 3 Barriers That Stops Us

How To Live Life To The Fullest and Barriers That Stops Us

Our best move is to start small.

When we get home from work at the end of the day, for instance, we can bypass the television or our handheld devices and head outdoors, where we can just sit and listen to the sounds of nature. If we are having a meal, whether a sumptuous spread or a modest supper, it is always within our power to take it slowly and really feel, taste, and savor the food before us.

We all have a lot of habits in place. Few of us can easily do like Henry David Thoreau and get away from it all in the wilderness. But we can make small changes, every single day. We can leave our office to go outside and enjoy our lunch in the sun. We can take a longer vacation without pay, just to enjoy our lives. We can even trade in a showplace of a home for a more modest, affordable one, so we can spend less of our time working ourselves to death.

With time, we can create an environment that best allows us to suck all of the marrow out of life. This is possible for any of us, if only we commit to it, work toward it, and really make it our goal.

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When living our best lives is our goal, we will find little steps along the way that will truly be exquisite, and we’ll keep having more and more of them. Ultimately, with enough of these beautiful moments, when we reach the end of our time in this body, we’ll have lived a beautiful life.

If today were the day you took your last breath, would you be able to say that you sucked all of the marrow out of your life? If so, congratulations on a life well-lived. If not, at least metaphorically, isn’t it time to go to the woods and live deliberately?

If today is my last breath, I sucked all the marrow out of life.

What about you? Live your life to the fullest?

Written by: Robert Puff
Originally appeared on: Psychology Today
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How To Live Life To The Fullest and Barriers That Stops Us PIN
How To Live Life To The Fullest and 3 Barriers That Stops Us
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