A Boy,

In the middle of heat

Chaos, hunger pangs

Rugged shirt and barefoot

Selling candles in high noon

Silently approaching people

Human to human

Eye to eye

He speak soul to soul

Praying and pleading

That someone would see

What lies behind those eyes?

For how many days he’d been barefoot

For how long he’d been in pain

For when was the last time he ate

Nobody knows, nobody cares

For him, No Body

A soul floating in the field of life

Battling his place and soulful cry

Even sun rose magnificently to the sky

He will pinch sweat and blood to fly

When rain calms and washes away dirt

Cold and solitaire will be his skirt

How would he be able to compel

Finding his place to dwell

Where day and night provides no roof

His existence gives no proof


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