The Balance of Life and Work and Compassion in the Fall of 2020

Balance of Life Work Compassion

2. Grounding:

Whether you are standing or sitting place your feet solidly upon the ground.

Roll your shoulders down your back, lift with intention through the top of your head giving yourself spaces to physically feel present to the moment.

Use your breath alongside this stance by lengthening the inhale and making the exhale even longer. 

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3. Intention Setting:

Allow the awareness, the grounding and the longer breath to support you as you wisely access what the days will hold. Take a moment before bed to set an intention for the next day, be honest with yourself, make it doable and practical.

“I will take two longer breaths before responding to my partner, my kids, a colleague or my employer.” “I will acknowledge my stress, my emotion.” “I will do what I can with what I have.” “I will drink water and eat well.” “I will get up and move every 3 hours.”

For each of us, self-compassion will look different, that is why applying awareness is key. Ask yourself questions!

  • What triggers you?
  • What support do you need?
  • Is there flexibility with scheduling? 

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The balance of life and work has always had its challenges.

In the world we are living in those challenges have taken on Olympic sized obstacles, it is necessary to offer yourself and each other compassion, understanding, and time to adjust. Take longer breaths upon the inhale and the exhale, move your body, be aware, and intentionally throughout the day. Make sure you are hydrating your body, eating well, and getting rest. Everything you do for yourself, your family, and your colleagues whether it is big or small, will help bring support for us all in these times.

How are you trying to strike the balance of life and work and compassion?

Written by : Elle Miller
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