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Bad Roommate Qualities Of The Zodiac Signs

Bad Roommate Qualities Of The Zodiac Signs

Bad Roommate Qualities Of The Zodiac Signs –

ARIES: Their policy is “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission”

TAURUS: Buys a new condiment jar and still keeps the nearly empty one in the fridge like it’s some kind of museum

GEMINI: You are the “roommate” they always vague tweet about

CANCER: Takes it personally when you leave the sponge in the sink, but won’t tell you until the resentment is already built up beyond repair

LEO: Uses shared living spaces as an extension of their closet

VIRGO: Notices if you shift their toothbrush even a little

LIBRA: Avoids the house when they know they’ve done something wrong

SCORPIO: Randomly gets pissed off by your presence inside the home that you share

SAGITTARIUS: Walks into your room and starts talking about their sex life without asking

CAPRICORN: Venmo requests you for using some of their peanut butter

AQUARIUS: No matter how long you live together it never feels like you really know them

PISCES: Either keeps the house nice and neat or lets it fall into complete disarray depending on their mood

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