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Bad Relationship Habits Of The Zodiac Signs

Bad Relationship Habits Of The Zodiac Signs

Bad Relationship Habits Of The Zodiac Signs –

ARIES: Skips ahead on the TV show you promised to watch together

TAURUS: Brings a huge suitcase whenever they sleepover because your medicine cabinet doesn’t have the ‘right’ products

GEMINI: Lurked your social media too much before you met and now have to pretend they’re surprised when you tell them stories

CANCER: Annoys their friends by bringing you to every group hang

LEO: Declines your spontaneous FaceTimes if the lighting isn’t right

VIRGO: Insists on rehashing every little miscommunication so you two can ‘improve your process’

LIBRA: Leaves you on your own while they work the room at parties

SCORPIO: Won’t tell you what’s wrong until the fourth time you ask

SAGITTARIUS: Wakes you up at 8 am every Saturday to discuss weekend plans

CAPRICORN: Pauses face-to-face conversations to answer their texts

AQUARIUS: Not ready for labels even after years of ‘hanging out’

PISCES: Gets upset with you for something you did in their dream

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