Top 10 Bad Habits You Need To Stay Away From

Bad Habits

Not only multitasking creates a bad impression, but signals you are more important to you than anything or anyone else. Also, more tasks mean more mistakes. Multitasking shrinks your brain and lowers your IQ and reduces productivity by 40%.

Multitasking is one of the bad habits that if you quit will take your productivity and efficiency to the next level. Get More Done–One Thing at a Time. 

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7. Poor money management

Do you know the unexpected effects of ignoring financial health? Lavish spending and too many loans increase debt, lower savings. And, creates financial stress that is equivalent to symptoms of PTSD according to the new payoff study.

High-stress levels can increase the risk of heart attack by 25% besides influencing mood, appetite, job performance, relationships, and mental health. Seek financial advice! Live a better quality of life!

8. Being in toxic relationships

being in toxic relationship is bad habit
Top 10 Bad Habits You Need To Stay Away From

Do you have a nasty neighbor getting on your nerves? Or a jealous coworker messing with your important projects? a friend who never appreciates you? Are you in a loveless relationship?

Well, toxic people are unavoidable! They are always there, everywhere! There are two choices: Either waste your energy thinking about them all the time or focus on positive people in your life. 

The good news is being with positive and grateful people has myriad benefits including – low stress, improved psychological and physical wellbeing, personal and professional growth, high confidence, and an increase in happiness. 

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9. Poor stress management

Top 10 Bad Habits You Need To Stay Away From

Most of us ignore stress until it starts interfering with our day-to-day activities. Some common symptoms are –

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Poor judgement
  • Aches and pains
  • Irritability/anger
  • Nervous habits like nail biting
  • Loss of sex drive 

If left unaddressed stress can cause serious health physical health problems (like heart diseases, stroke), mental health problems (such as depression, anxiety), and psychological problems. Find out what is stressful for you and work on it! 

Some daily rituals that most successful people in the world do on a daily basis to de-stress themselves are –

  • Set up boundaries
  • Engage in meditation, yoga, reflective journaling, relaxation exercises, reading books
  • Work according to their to-do list 
  • Achieve set goals 
  • Good sleep
  • Spend time with loved ones 
  • Play sports or indulge in active hobbies like fishing 

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10. Sedentary behaviour 

Binge-watching Netflix, spending more than 8-10 hours sitting, playing video games, eating fast food, lying down on the bed to read or write are all examples of sedentary behavior

Physical inactivity is a global public health problem and a leading cause of death according to the World Health Organization. Stop being a couch potato. A sedentary lifestyle will put you at risk of developing several health problems. Get moving.

How to fix a sedentary lifestyle?

Prepare your own meals instead of buying fast food and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet

Brisk walking – “Thirty minutes a day is where we see great health benefits,” says Rick Richey, a master instructor with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

You can also:

  • Run 30 minutes daily
  • Use stairs more than the elevator 
  • Take breaks between work
  • Stand more 
  • Spend more time doing household chores
  • Walk while talking over the phone 

What other bad habits do you have? Are you staying away from them? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Bad Habits Need Stay Away From Pin
Top 10 Bad Habits You Need To Stay Away From
Bad Habits You Need To Stay Away Pin
Top 10 Bad Habits You Need To Stay Away From
Bad Habits Pin
Top 10 Bad Habits You Need To Stay Away From
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