11 Desirable Traits in a Bad Boy that Women Love

Bad Boy Traits Women Love

5. Bad boys don’t care about following the crowd

They value their identity and don’t allow anyone to demean them. They don’t adopt fake behavior just to fit in with what’s fashionable. Women are highly intrigued by a bad guy’s uniqueness.

Bad boys never go out of their way to impress anyone. This why-bother attitude is downright sexy!

6. A bad boy is deeply passionate

Another by-product of eliminating all sorts of fakeness and pretense from their lives- true, genuine passion.

Whatever the bad boy does he does it with all his heart, soul and energy. This mindset has a direct consequence on the quality of his physical relations. He displays more intense sexual energy, which no doubt his girl loves very much.

7. Bad boys don’t play the victim

Bad boys have high self-respect and dignity. If they have been dumped, they deal with it maturely instead of letting the incident disrupt their life. They move on with the belief that they are yet to meet that special lady who truly deserves their awesomeness!.

Heartbreaks are awfully painful, but crying, complaining and sulking all the time isn’t desirable. So man up, and see yourself through the situation with a calm mind. After all, life is all about adapting to changes and dealing with testing times.

8. A bad boy is high on integrity and honesty

Believe me, there’s something very sexy about looking a woman straight in her eyes and telling the whole, complete truth. Brutal truths might be hurtful, but women can’t help but appreciate the honest approach. They respect the guy’s sincerity and strong persona. And without respect, attraction can never happen.

No one’s a saint and shouldn’t pretend to be one too. Just be yourself, that’s enough.

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9. Bad boys don’t apologize all the time

For many men, saying ‘sorry’ comes very naturally, even in cases they had little to no fault. By over-apologizing, you’re belittling yourself. Others tend to think less of you and lose respect. Not to mention, it’s also very annoying to be around such a person.

Bad boys don’t go out of their way to be nice and polite to others. They just learn to be okay when something is not working out.

10. A bad boy is a rebel

Women love men who follow their own agenda in life and don’t fear to go against socially accepted rules. The non-conformist, rebellious attitude gives them an edge over other men.

11. Bad boys make women crave for more

Bad boys master the art of keeping women hungry for more. They open up yet remain guarded. This keeps the spark in the relationship alive! If she feels there’s more to conquer no matter how much she discovers, her interest never wanes.

Hope this read has helped you identify the changes you need to make to be a winner in your love life. Although it should also be kept in mind that any personality change should never happen because you’re feeling insecure- then things might go horribly wrong.

Be self-aware. Understand exactly which of these qualities will bring a positive change in your life and relationships. Then work on yourself with love and patience. 

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