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Our backs are to each other. This relationship is sinking; Our communication, crude

Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker

Our backs are to each other.
This relationship is sinking;
Our communication, crude.
Lately I am thinking
The hand of fate will cut these ties.
The severance will be no surprise,
Perhaps a pallid interlude
In which we wade away further

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Anjana Surendran 

Those evil eyes would stare upon
Those biased thoughts intrude in
Those coated myths interfere within
For they know not how eternal love is
These encounters will be abridged 

sooner or later.

Karthik Parthasarathy 

All it takes is a turn
To see how things 

might crash and burn
No,no,not to be.. 

As Ego reigns Supreme
Now, no one is going to 

hear your scream.

Esther Jeans 

In the depths of despair 
where loneliness lives, 
true hearts can not survive. 
For the only link is nothing 
but the sound of silence 
where love once existed. 
In time the cord will be cut 
as they drift into oblivion.

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Payal Kantharia 

Don’t be dependent on technology 
for your relations! 
You will never know 
when the network bridge 
between us gets disconnected. 
Just turn your back baby 
and you will find me waiting 
in the seas of time 
we spent together.

Jackie De Klerk 

With our backs turned,
Our hearts yearned.
Distance just too great,
finally sealing our fate.

I will miss you.

Brianna Lee Harvey 

Never trust the middle man.

Starla Cope 

Drifting apart,
Sinking fast,
Lost connection,
Will it last?

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Whimsical and romantic by nature, I am always on the lookout for the next crazy adventure I can enjoy! I believe that life is not meant to be serious all of the time, and we should have fun as much as we can. Also, writing has always been more than a hobby for me.
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