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Age of Awakening

Something tells me…
We might be approaching,
Or on the brink, of something,
Bigger than what most of us think.
These moments we get,
Closed in our homes,
They may be enough,
To wake us up, and
Show us the way to go.
When this thing is over,
Is the lane of Growth.
There’s no escape though,
From the ways of old…
Unless we stay woke, &
A way to change our focus,
From the dismay & hopelessness,
To notice what it takes,
To make the most of this,
To finally see the light,
We’ve been seeking to find.
We might just redefine,
The legacy we leave behind.
Part of me thinks,
It’s within our reach…
Forget all the pain,
And the sorrow, along with
Whatever other things,
That the darkness brings,
Making us afraid,
To face tomorrow.
We’ll never escape this,
And make it to greatness.
If we keep wasting today,
Staying complacent we need to erase the trepidation.
Instead of simply,
Waiting till the next day,
To make the necessary changes.
At first, it may be hard… But
It’s better to treat as a restart.
Let’s just see if we can,
Spark this and maybe leave the darkness.
And if it means committing arson…
Then I guess I’ll be charged with,
A felony when I spark this.

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