Aw, Depression – Let’s Conquest It!

Aw Depression - Let’s Conquest It

Aw, Depression – Let’s Conquest It!

Life is unfair and full of challenges and but never complain about the difficulties in your life
because the director (God) always gives the hardest roles to his best Actors. We need to
accept the fact that unfairness is part and parcel of life as it would give you the maturity to
live your life wisely, instead of playing the victim card.

The society we live in is very villainous, dodgy, phony, derogatory, imperious, and nasty
where the survival of a benignant is just like the survival of the fittest. Learn to be kind to
yourself and look at the bright side of life. It is easier said than done but it is true that
nothing lasts forever. The cycle of life will bring you to the utmost happiness and pains
which will keep on rotating, but you need to learn to be calm and abandon all attachment to the results of action and attain supreme peace.

The reason why dead people receive more flowers than living ones is because regret
is more powerful than gratitude. If you look in your family itself, you will notice that an
infant/toddler is given more tenderness and attention than an elderly person who is often
neglected. Everything is temporary: thoughts, emotions, people, happiness, success,
failures, scenery- don’t become attached and just flow with it. So, live your life to impress
the creator and not the creation.

Alike your physical health, your mental health also needs attentiveness as more than 264
million people suffer from depression. Depression is often regarded as a taboo to talk
about and frequently it is the normal people who mock on the mental disorder. You might
have felt superior after bullying, defaming, abusing (physical, mental, sexual & emotional),
denouncing, breaking someone’s trust, taking away someone’s job or life, misguiding or
constantly altercating can contribute to depression (inclusion of other factors that has not
been stated).

Depression is a silent killer that results from a complex interaction of
psychological, biological, and social factors. It is noteworthy to mention that mental health
and physical health are interdependent.

Everything in your life has happened for a reason and you live through the worst so that you don’t take the best parts for granted.


Riya Gulati