L.J. Vanier

Hi! I am LJ Vanier and I am the creator of Soul Science Awakening You! I am deeply involved in spiritual practice and have experienced the paranormal since I was a young child. I am a indy author and am currently working on my next project Ether, set to be released in June 2015.

50 Incredible Ways to Live Life Without Regrets

With each chapter you close in your life, comes the end of an old and the beginning of a new. These chapters are what we call cycles. If you are in tune with these cycles, you can feel the shift coming. They normally come in 7 year intervals, meaning that at age 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 (etc) you will have completed 6 cycles.

How to Face and Embrace Your Deepest Darkest Desires

We all have thoughts we don’t share with anyone. Sometimes these thoughts are our shadow selves looking for attention and other times they are stemming unhealed wounds that we don’t yet have the strength to face.

5 Warning Signs Your Life Is About To Shift Drastically

5 Warning Signs Your Life Is About To Shift Drastically

Sometimes when we think our lives are falling apart what we don’t see, is that they might just be falling into place. While change is not always welcomed, it is always warranted and often when we think that our lives have fallen into utter disarray, it’s because everything is realigning to match our true intentions and desires…

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