Vital Decision

One beautiful evening I was having a great conversation with granny  and she said to me.

“Choosing a life’s partner is one among vital decisions that one can make in life, it can either make you the happiest person for the rest of your days or it can make you miserable for the rest of your life”.

I looked at her in awe

but  she kept going.

“When you choose them, you choose their families, you choose their debts, you choose their good and bad habits.

Ooh! the truth is you choose each and everything of theirs, so pray and be certain when you choose one.”

Well, i cherish her words by heart.

– By Tuwalily

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The growth of people we love

may sometimes mean

less access to them

and increased distance.

This may be a hard concept to grasp

as human because it may feel

as though we are being cast aside

or we no longer add value.

Well,the truth is blessings

in our lives are like a chain reaction;

one give birth to another

and are there to help us

stretch from our comfort zone.

It is during this period

that they get to grow on their own

and so are we and without knowing,

we are all being worked on

for the better except in different ways.

And it’s amazing how this happens,

for every time that we get comfortable with someone

our purpose is redefined.

– Tuwalily


If we talk of houses symbolically,

maybe we could be talking about human being.

In other words,

what happens inside a house

could be compared with all the things

that are happening inside a human heart.

Such a mystery,

only those who live in do understand.

– Tuwalily


Just like a burning flame well used

is capable of

transforming raw materials

into something consumable

So is the energy within us,

when strong enough and well used,

it can transform our lives

and of those around us

in a positive way.