Theo Harrison

Hey there! I am just someone trying to find my way through life. I am a reader, writer, traveler, fighter, philosopher, artist and all around nice guy. I am outdoor person but heavily into technology, science, psychology, spiritualism, Buddhism, martial arts and horror films. I believe in positive action more than positive thinking.

Why You Keep Attracting Toxic People (And How You Can Fix It)

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Are You In An Abusive Relationship And Don’t Even Know It? 4 Identifying Signs

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Why Some People Respond to Stress by Falling Asleep

Sleepiness is an automatic stress response that enables us to react to stressful situations after our mind enters the fight-flight-freeze mode.

Meet Your Second Brain: The Gut

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Why A Woman Leaves The Man She Loves: What Men Need To Realize

A long-term, committed relationship can very easily turn into a toxic one and lead to a breakup or divorce if you start taking your partner for granted.

Love and Attachment: How To Love Everything and Be Attached To Nothing

Whether in life or relationships, we need to understand the difference between love and attachment. Attachment is needy. But love is the cure for attachment.