Theo Harrison

Hey there! I am just someone trying to find my way through life. I am a reader, writer, traveler, fighter, philosopher, artist and all around nice guy. I am outdoor person but heavily into technology, science, psychology, spiritualism, Buddhism, martial arts and horror films. I believe in positive action more than positive thinking.

7 Signs of A Female Narcissist

Here are 7 signs of a female narcissist that will help you to spot them.

Are You A Pluviophile? 9 Signs That You’re A Certified Rain Lover

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” - Bob Marley

Angel Numbers: Spiritual Significance Of Repeating Numbers And How They Guide You

Are you seeing repeating numbers? Angel numbers have spiritual meanings and are used by your spirit guides to guide you through your spiritual awakening.

7 Triggers To Catch Someone’s Attention Based On Science

When we know how to use psychological triggers to attract attention, we can choose to positively influence the behavior of others around us. Here are 7 Science-Backed Ways To Attract Attention From People

The Kubler Ross Change Curve: Understanding The 5 Stages Of Change

The Kubler-Ross Change Curve, derived from the Kübler-Ross model, enables us to adapt to change, understand how our emotions are affected and navigate transitions.

The 3 Roles We Play During a Conflict & Ways To Escape The Drama Triangle

The Karpman Drama Triangle graphically depicts that we tend to take on 3 distinct roles, a victim, a persecutor, or a rescuer, when involved in conflict and drama in relationships.

What Kind Of Afterlife Are You Destined For? Quiz

Will you haunt your boss as a Poltergeist? Or perhaps look over a future loved one as a Guardian Angel?

Cabin Fever: 8 Ways To Cope With Feeling Stuck At Home

Cabin fever refers to feelings of claustrophobia that we can experience after being confined to a single location for a long period of time. Here are a few ways to cope with it.

Unmasking The Ego: How To Take Off The Mask and Be Your True Self

The mask of ego prevents us from discovering our truest selves. The only way we can overcome the shackles of the ego and find our way towards spiritual growth and freedom is by learning to unmask the ego and manage it effectively.

The Five Stages Of Grief: Exploring The Kübler-Ross Model

The Kübler-Ross model, also known as the Five Stages of Grief, is a popular theory developed by Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross on how people generally deal with death, loss and grief.

The Epicurean Philosophy for Happiness: How To Be Happy & Seek Pleasure

The Epicurean philosophy can help us understand what makes us happy and what we can do to experience happiness and pleasure in life.

The Power Of Being The Black Sheep In The Family

Being a black sheep in the family can be an emotional and psychological struggle. But it can also come as a blessing in disguise.