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How to Listen Without Getting Defensive

Understanding your partner requires the capacity to listen. Really listen. Couples are advised to hear each other’s complaints without feeling attacked, and as great as this sounds, it’s often unrealistic.

New Parents, Listen Up: Passion and Parenting Can Co-Exist

prioritizing sex and intimacy is essential for new parents going through the transition to parenthood.

There Are Two Views to Every Conflict and Both Are Valid

We often highlight our positive qualities and label our partner with negative ones.

Emotional Intelligence in Kids: 3 Tips To Help Your Child Navigate Difficult Emotions

Unfortunately, not every parent knows how to validate the full spectrum of their child’s feelings. As adults, we may look back and realize the damage that had been done to us—often unintentionally

Build Strong Family Connections by Speaking Love Languages

Discovering and speaking love languages can add important detail to each other’s Love Maps

Help Your Partner Understand Your Side of the Conflict in 3 Steps

Conflict isn’t easy. There’s hurt. There’s misunderstanding. And, at the same time, there are parts of us that are screaming to feel validated and understood.

State of the Union Meetings Will Strengthen Your Relationship: Here’s How to Start Yours

When each partner is willing to focus on the underlying feelings of the conflict, the problem stops functioning as a barrier to connection.

How To Break The Silence In Your Marriage

This is how you will learn to break the silence in your marriage.

Mastering Marriage Conflict with Mulligans

Mulligans aren’t only for the fairway—they can also be useful in managing conflict in marriage.